This Changes EVERYTHING!

Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group is proud to announce the addition of Solea Dental Laser to our practice.



It's true! Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group is one of less than 100 dental offices in the world that has been certified to use Solea, the only FDA approved CO2 laser that can be used to prepare hard tissue (i.e. teeth) with NO SHOTS! This incredible breakthrough in laser technology, which has taken over 20 years to develop, makes it possible to actually numb the tooth as it removes tooth structure effortlessly.

Is someone you know petrified of shots or the drill (perhaps your children)? Do you know someone avoiding treatment that they desperately need because they don't want to be uncomfortable for days or even weeks after a routine dental filling procedure because of the soreness to surrounding soft tissues caused by shots? Solea is their answer!

Solea’s technology offers patients an anesthesia-free alternative to the traditional drill for hard and soft tissue procedures. Its unique wavelength provides a natural anesthetic effect for patients, while the dentist has the ability to cut dental enamel without using a drill. It has won countless awards, including Popular Science Best of What's New Award, Gold winner in the 17th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards, and the American Dental Association's Annual Dr. Bicuspid Excellence Award! Come find out why!

Dr. Ryan was the first to experience this superior technology firsthand in our office (dentists need fillings too!), and he was so relaxed when the decay in his tooth was being removed with Solea. He was so relaxed without shots or nitrous that he FELL ASLEEP in the chair while being worked on! Solea is changing the way we practice dentistry while changing the lives of the people we care about most – you, our patients!