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Dear friends at Perfect-A-Smile,

My experience was great! Thank you! The care – I knew I was in good hands. The new filling work was done beautifully. I was so relaxed in that awesome chair with all the aids. It was a very positive experience and was over before I knew it. I came out with no pain or discomfort. You did a great job, Kim and Christine, the desk girls and all of you there, Ryan has a cute sense of humor. All of you are very helpful, friendly and patient. I love you all! You are the greatest dentist! Still get compliments on previous work, Kim. So glad you helped me. God's blessings and LOVE!

Darlene C.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Dear Perfect-A-Smile dental team,

I want to thank you all so much for making my going to the dentist such a pleasant experience! You were all so welcoming, and even during my procedure, I felt so relaxed and such little pain. I left with a smile which now I will keep looking great because I'll continue to come back to you! Thanks again.

Paula R.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I have to tell you, I was absolutely terrified of coming in today... You were all so welcoming once I walked in, and it was great how the office accommodated my crazy schedule! Anita was very nice, made me feel at ease and explained everything very thoroughly when doing X-rays and impressions. Nicole was incredible – honestly, I was absolutely terrified to have my teeth cleaned, but... being able to listen to Shania Twain with a little Nitrous Gas, I felt like I was at a mini spa day! Haha. Dr. Ellen is so great. She listened to my concerns about my teeth and really made me feel at ease. Dr. Ryan sure is lucky!!! I look forward to bumping in to him next visit! All in all, my experience today was exceptional. I'm happy I came in and will be referring your office to everyone! Never thought I would be saying this to a dentists’ office, but please thank everyone today for a pleasant visit!

Kimberly G.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I have always believed that excellence should be acknowledged and given the credit it deserves, which is why I am writing to give praise to the outstanding patient care your office personnel and staff have afforded me each and every time I have visited your office. To begin, I am greeted by name as soon as I walk through the front door, as is every other patient I have observed. Your office staff takes the time to get to know each person and treats us with respect and courtesy that is second to none. This personalized care is very rare in today's fast-paced society and very much appreciated. In short, your office staff is perhaps the best I have ever encountered.

This excellence and personalized care extends to the medical staff as well. I am a Registered Nurse, and I am very impressed with the knowledge base and focus on patient care that your dental assistants exhibit. In addition, all your employees seem to truly enjoy their jobs, which tells me a lot about the doctors for whom they work.

Kim is my doctor, and I think she is just wonderful. I know how hard she worked to get where she is, and that says a lot about her as a person. Her desire is to be the best doctor possible, and it is a goal she has achieved. I trust her judgment implicitly, and I appreciate her genuine concern for me both as a patient and a human being.

This is a long way to say the care and personal touch that the Perfect-A-Smile staff and doctors provide is what a private practice should be, but all too often is not. Kudos to you for having set your standards high and then living up to them. Rest assured that we, your patients, have taken note.

Leah D.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Dear Dr. Ryan and Staff,

I want to thank you for checking my brother-in-law. You treated him with such professional courtesy and kindness. I am very grateful. Your generosity helps revive my faith in mankind. Thank you so much.

Jean B.
Hiram, Ohio

Last Wednesday, I was more than a bit nervous about having two teeth extracted and two implants placed during the same visit. The procedure went smoothly – from the topical on the gums to the Novocain. The tooth extraction did not hurt, and I did not even know the second tooth was pulled until Dr. Richard said he was done. I was expecting a long bout of pressure, grinding sounds, and burning smells preparing for the implants. I sure was surprised. It seemed to take longer to take the different X-rays than to get the implants. All in all it was a pleasant experience, and I made it home in time for lunch. Thanks again to both of you and all your staff who always make my visits comfortable.

Bill S.
Novelty, Ohio

My 90-year-old mother-in-law had not been to a dentist in many years. Therefore, when she awoke one day with a toothache, I had to search for a dentist. I arrived at Perfect-A-Smile with an extremely nervous mother-in-law and several pieces of paper related to dental coverage she had not used in years. I deposited the paperwork with Nancy and watched my mother-in-law go back for a visit with Dr. Ellen. After a few minutes, Nancy informed me that she had made some phone calls and verified the dental coverage. Shortly thereafter, I was called back for a consultation with Dr. Ellen and my mother-in-law. Dr. Ellen recommended a visit to an oral surgeon. Yikes! Two days later, we visited the oral surgeon’s office and discovered that all of the X-rays had been forwarded to the surgeon along with the information on the dental insurance. The efficiency and thoughtfulness of Perfect-A-Smile’s office allowed my mother-in-law to be escorted immediately to the surgeon’s chair and to emerge 15 minutes later minus one tooth. I truly appreciate how easy the staff at Perfect-A-Smile made my duties as caregiver. They have my highest recommendation, and I look forward (almost) to a return visit to fill the cavity that was also discovered.

Terrence R.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I don't just like you on Facebook, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! I always knew that you were doing a good job for me, but it wasn't until I had to go to someone here in Texas that I realized just how good you all are. Best dental service EVER! Love you all!

Kathy C.
Point Venture, Texas

I can't say enough about Dr. Ryan and the entire office! I had a crippling fear of dentistry until I met Dr. Ryan, and now I enjoy coming in to see everyone and having my dental procedures done. I have been cursed with a mouth of teeth that have needed lots of work, and now I am doing a full mouth of veneers, so I have spent quite a bit of time in their very comfy chairs. I recommend them to anyone who will listen! You have made my teeth healthy and BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much to everyone at Perfect-A-Smile!

Addy B.
Auburn, Ohio

Over a year ago, my mother passed away after a lengthy illness. One of her major concerns for me was the state of my dental health. My mom always thought that I had a beautiful smile, and since I was missing two teeth in the front of my mouth, I promised her that I would have it taken care of, but I could not leave her at that time… I always had a great fear of dentists, which is one reason that my teeth were in the shape they were in. Before I went to Perfect-A-Smile, I had always left the dentist office in pain. But Perfect-A-Smile was wonderful, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I never had to wait on my appointment. Everyone in the office was so kind and considerate, and I felt like they were personally invested in my new smile... I love my teeth, and they look so very natural. Thank you for this opportunity to regain my perfect smile.

Joanne H.
East Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Perfect-A-Smile Staff,

I want to say thanks... and wow! You guys have been absolutely great. It's the first time in my life I have actually looked forward to going to the dentist. In the past, almost every visit to a dentist has been a miserable experience. I often felt more like I was being interrogated as a prisoner rather than treated as a valued client. Every new person I have met at your facility has been smiling, kind and helpful and tried to make sure I was as comfortable as possible.

I have let my dental health deteriorate over the last few years as I had pretty much given up hope that anything could be done. My experience with Perfect-A-Smile has given me not just hope, but a really good start on getting my smile back.

Everyone on staff has been great, from discussing the different courses of action possible with the dentist to talking frankly about my financial obligations. I was made to feel at ease and never pressured. I have already recommended your office to several friends and will continue to do so. I would mention everyone if I knew their names as ALL have been wonderful. I am looking forward to continuing my treatment and relationship with Perfect-A-Smile.

Peter H.
Twinsburg, Ohio

Having the latest technologies and procedures in any business, particularly in the healthcare field, is a very positive quality. It often implies an expenditure of resources intended to provide the very best care. But simply adorning the facility with the latest and greatest equipment doesn't guarantee the best care; it takes caring and professional people.

I am not given to writing letters of this nature. If I am satisfied with a product or service, then I continue to use it and tell friends and family of my satisfaction. Conversely, if I experience less than satisfactory results, I simply no longer use that product or service and again, conveying my experience to friends and family. However, when I experience truly outstanding service, I feel the need to express my satisfaction in a more formal manner, thus, the reason for this letter.

I am aware that I am a difficult person, and yet Perfect-A-Smile has greatly exceeded my most lofty expectations of service. Dr. Richard is quite simply outstanding and heads up a staff of professional, caring and capable caregivers. From the moment I walk in the door, the atmosphere is that of a group who likes what they do, where they work and how can they make my visit most comfortable. That attitude carries throughout the office, and for someone like me who has had less-than-stellar dental visits when very young, it is difficult to express how my level of ease is heightened.

While each member of the office staff, including the techs, is a star in my view, I’d like to call attention to one person and event that typifies the outstanding service and care I’ve experienced at Perfect-A-Smile. I called to make an appointment, and I believe I talked with someone, perhaps someone new and who may not have been aware of my specific needs. Several days later, I received a call from Nancy, who noticed my appointment wasn’t scheduled as it usually is and inquired if I had a change in status. My status had not changed, so Nancy corrected the matter, saving me the inconvenience of rescheduling. And of course, my visit went as well as expected; actually, once again, MUCH better than expected.

This may not seem a big matter to others, but to me it is what “taking care of business” is all about; the client is most important. This attention to detail and interest in the welfare of the client will hold Nancy and Perfect-A-Smile in my highest esteem.

Joe O.
Chesterland, Ohio

I have been a patient at Perfect-A-Smile Dental for a long time, and as a perfectionist, I can honestly say I am totally satisfied. My husband, daughter and son-in-law recently joined the practice. They are so impressed with the technology, culture and dental outcomes. Everything from their first impression to the technology has exceeded their expectations. We all love it here!

Donna Rae S.
Bainbridge, Ohio

I LOVE my new smile, and I love all of you at Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group. You are GREAT!

Rhonda H.
Garrettsville, Ohio

Dear Dr. Slaten and Super-Duper Staff:

Every time I visit Perfect-A-Smile, I am amazed at how you’ve managed to improve an already great dental office… newer techniques and quicker, more comfortable procedures. One thing happily remains the same: your entire staff is efficient, polite and caring… from the smiling receptionist to the young lady who presented my bill. Kristina calmed my anxiety by her smile and reassuring touch as she asked, “Are you OK?” throughout my filling and crown appointment. I appreciate that so much as my hearing loss makes me feel out of touch with what’s going on around me.

Dr. Slaten, your excellent dentistry is a given. I also appreciate that you repaired a previously filled tooth without charge when it became damaged. How many other dentists would do that? And, as a long-time patient, I now have an additional item for which to be thankful, a senior discount!

Mary Ann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I have had Botox injections from other doctors who specialize in plastic surgery, and I can attest to the fact that Dr. Kim Fury of Perfect-A-Smile-Dental Group is the best at doing this. Dr. Fury is very thorough and careful with her expert technique. She really cares about your face and what she's doing to it. If you're considering doing Botox, look no further. Dr. Kim Fury should be your first choice!

Rose A.
Bainbridge, Ohio

Dr. Kim Fury has been my trusted dentist for many years, so when I saw the Botox materials at the office, I decided to give it a try. I was impressed by the time and effort that Kim and Anita had invested in becoming experts on Botox. Like most men over 50, I had very visible forehead wrinkles which are virtually gone after treatment. I have now had treatments three times, six months apart. Simply put, Botox works. I will always prefer non-surgical approaches, and twice a year is a very manageable schedule for injections.

Dr. R.H.
Hudson, Ohio

Dear Dr. Kim: I want to thank you for the care and kindness you have expressed since I met you. You have put me at ease with dental work ever since meeting. I look forward to having you and your wonderful staff takes care of me over the coming years. There is a warmth (I am sure it comes from you) that permeates through your entire office and staff. I promise I will be a good patient and not bolt when the needle needs to be used. A special 'Thank You' to Nancy for holding my hand, too and finding a way to fit me in on such short notice. P.S. Your 'hug' was above and beyond... thank you!

Lynn M.
Bainbridge, Ohio

Our new patient, Joanne just told us that, "Everything was great – from your website to my wonderful appointment today. You are all awesome! I feel so good, and I feel like I'm going to be beautiful soon!"

Joanne H.
East Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Ellen Saslaw is easy to talk to and has such a good 'chairside' manner. She represents the practice well and will continue its excellent reputation. What an asset!

Kathy H.
Novelty, Ohio

Dear Kim and Richard,

I felt like I needed to take some time and write you this letter. Everyone is busy doing their own thing, but every now and then, you have to take some time to acknowledge some people. I first want to thank both of you for your outstanding work and professionalism. I've been coming to your place of business for over 10 years now, and I have never left your office feeling like you could have done something better. You always have completed the task with the most updated equipment and latest techniques that you learned at seminars or with extra training.

I would also like to thank you for the way you have trained your staff. They are a reflection of the managers of that business, and you have taught them to be like you – professional, open and warm, detail-oriented and prompt. From answering the phones to being worked on in the chair, everyone is always nice and friendly.

Finally, I'd like to thank you personally for having offered to help me out with my unemployment situation by assisting me in your own business. Not too many people in this economic climate would help me out, but you did, and I wanted to let you know that I was well aware of that.

Doug H.
Mayfield Village, Ohio

I just keep glancing in the mirror and see beautiful teeth! You truly have done a masterful job. I appreciate your dedication, persistence, good humor and professionalism.

Anne H.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I LOVE my new smile, the expert and detailed dentistry, the comfort of the office procedure in every way, and the caring and sensitive work of the dental assistants. Being able to smile with confidence is an entirely new experience for me, and I am so grateful.

Marlene H.
Auburn Township, Ohio

I want to thank you for the new tooth you created for me. Photo, shape, mill and install, all in one sitting… it was impressive. All is perfect. I also want to thank you and your entire staff for taking good care of me and making the trip to the dentist anxious-free.

Richard L.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I look at myself in the mirror, at my new teeth, and it makes me smile! Thank you for making my experience at your office so pleasant and enjoyable.

Christy W.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I was treated for jaw dysfunction due to a car accident I had in 2001. I had multiple surgeries in Pennsylvania, and when I was referred to you, I was in a great deal of pain. After being treated by you, I am pain-free! I am forever grateful to you and your staff for your outstanding service and patient care.

Amy D.
Hartford, Connecticut

You and your staff are absolutely the perfect choice for me. Your interest, concern and suggestions were as helpful as they were welcomed. Thank you!

Myrna R.
Concord, Ohio

Thanks for going the ‘extra mile’ to fix my bite. Randy and I both appreciate your professionalism and integrity.

Kathy M.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I love your enthusiasm and kind heart. You should be very proud of the practice you have established. I find it most comfortable and very welcoming.

Bobbie N.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio