Our Generations Serving Your Generations with Tomorrow's Dentistry Today

Our practice was established with Dr. Richard Slaten in the fall of 1974. Dr. Kim Fury joined the practice in 1977 as a dental hygienist. Richard and Kim were married in 1980 and had two children, Ryan and Kevin. Dr. Kim received her dental degree in 1994. Dr. Ryan received his doctorate in 2009 and joined his parents in the dental practice.

This practice has been established to provide each patient their unique opportunity for effective, comprehensive and predictable dental care in an organized, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Ardently striving to achieve growing proficiency in order to serve each patient, we established an educational improvement process that is constantly present with no finish time. Our entire team is motivated to achieve a higher level of learning, has high standards of quality and integrity, and is supportive of new concepts. Our powerful team synergy will allow us to accomplish together more than any of us could realize individually. We carry out the high calling of relieving pain and infection, and we administer technical wonders that look and function naturally. Educating and motivating our patients to affect favorable choices while tempering their fears and anxieties is as important to us as providing the technical services. We have incorporated the most advanced dental technology to provide each patient the finest care in the most professional manner. Extraordinary service is our hallmark.

Our name, Perfect-A-Smile Dental Group, was made public in 2007. The name grew from our stated philosophy of aspiring to recognize each patient's needs and concerns while assisting them in understanding solutions and consequences. We endeavor to educate each patient about what we will do, and we perform what we promise. Patients who choose us will become episodic mutual partners in their health care as we grow to know them intimately.

We have been fortunate to have patients whom we have treated for up to five generations of their family members. Whether it is a simple smile visit or a more comprehensive exam, we are aware of our responsibility to be careful and tender in diagnosis and treatment. We provide quality, comprehensive dental care for the entire family as part of our long-standing family tradition.